Turning Strings into Things

It is no secret that, by dealing with all matters insurance, we are most needed at a time when clients are experiencing some of life’s worst heartaches. Be it death, disability, or illness, we are continuously having to inform and discuss all the destressing curve balls that life can throw at you.

As a refreshing change to the doom and gloom of information overload, the PBA team has launched the Feel Good News this month with the goal of sharing some of our uplifting and positive stories!

The Happy Headlines kicks off with Nelson Mandela Day by knitting or crocheting squares for charity. As knitting is one of those things that everyone should try at least once in their life.

Armed with knitting needles, the PBA team, a tight knit group of ladies (pun intended), anything was possible. When we say anything, we really mean anything, as some of the younger PBA members had never picked up a knitting needle before and, therefore, had to take part in a training knitting circle!

Nevertheless, we persevered and managed to knit a whole whack of 20cm x 20cm squares and donated 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day. This organisation put the squares towards making blankets which helps those in need keep warm through the chilly winter season.

The ladies at PBA aim to let our fingers show our love by continuing to knit and donate squares in honour of Madiba's legacy.

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