The adult population in South Africa, can now be vaccinated

We would like you to take the time to read about some of the myths regarding the covid vaccine in order to stop the spread of misinformation in our country.

Myth - The vaccine was developed so fast, how can it be safe?

Truth - Efforts to develop the vaccine began after SARS-COV-2 the virus that causes COVID19 was sequenced and the results were already published in January 2020. Some other reasons why the vaccine was developed so fast also was the financial investment, innovative technology, and abundance of trial participants.

Myth - People have died from the COVID-19 vaccine.

Truth - In South Africa no deaths have been linked to people who have received the vaccine. On the deaths of people who have received the vaccine in other countries the data shows that they had underlying pre-existing clinical conditions.

Myth - The COVID-19 vaccine will give me COVID-19.

Truth - The COVID-19 vaccine does not contain any live virus that can cause COVID-19. Vaccines train your immune system to fight off the COVID-19 virus, so if you do contract it you will have less severe symptoms.

Myth - I am young and healthy so don’t need the COVID-19 vaccine.

Truth - It is not possible to predict how your body will react to the virus, therefore it is better to be vaccinated. You can still infect other people as well. The vaccine is both for protecting you, and those around you.

Myth - I don’t need the COVID-19 vaccine if I have already had COVID-19.

Truth - If you have had COVID-19 your body produces antibodies, however these will only remain in your body for 3 to 6 months, so you may be at risk of contracting the virus again.

Myth - Side effects of having the vaccine will be worse than having COVID-19.

Truth - Side effects from the vaccine seen from clinical trials are short-lived, severe reactions are rare.

The truth is, we need to be educated and well informed before taking the risk of not being vaccinated.

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