Short Term Insurance - your checklist for the holiday season

Can you believe that we’ve already made it to the holiday season for 2021? While we plan our family trips to signify the end of the year, one such consideration that is vital to yours and your family’s security is short term insurance cover.

Ensuring that you are financially covered in the event of damage to personal belongings and theft will save you from having to deal with the 2021 holiday woes.

The home checklist

PBA advises its policyholders and customers to take some basic precautionary measures before they leave their homes in order to avoid any unnecessary stresses when coming back from your holiday.

We offer comprehensive cover which protects your household contents from attempted theft and burglary, fire, lightning, malicious damage, storm, wind, hail, snow, and floods as well as other events.

Features that can be included in your household contents cover:

Home Protector

Cover that furnishes you with home security services for up to two nights after a burglary and emergency accommodation can be provided. If you are away, a security guard can be provided until your place of residence is secure.

Home Assist

You can be assisted with emergency household repairs including electrical, plumbing and locksmith services.

Optional Benefits

Optional benefits can be purchased for an additional premium such as cover for accidental damage to household contents and comprehensive subsidence and landslip cover.

For an additional premium. Such optional benefits are:

  • Accidental Damage

  • Comprehensive subsidence and landslip cover

Vehicle Insurance

When it comes to vehicle cover, PBA recommends Comprehensive Cover since it is the highest level of cover a person can acquire. Comprehensive Cover protects your vehicle under a variety of circumstances which are listed below.

  • If your car is stolen or hijacked

  • If your car is damaged by fire, hail, storm, lightning, explosions

  • If your car is damaged in an accident

  • If you are legally responsible for another person's costs for an accident caused by the use of your car. This includes damages, legal costs and medical expenses

  • If your windscreen needs repairs or replacement.

There are numerous other value-added benefits on all short term products that cannot be discussed here. Contact one of our brokers for more information and to ensure that you are correctly and comprehensively covered at the best rates.

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