Sarmies for Mandela Day

July is the month where we celebrate the life and legacy of the Father of our Nation, Nelson Mandela. Each year on July 18th, South Africans and people from around the world are encouraged to take action and inspire change by devoting 67 minutes, one for every year Madiba spent fighting social injustice, doing something positive in their communities.

This iconic day essentially serves to celebrate the idea that each person has the power to have a positive impact and transform the world. To do so, individuals can choose to do anything from putting together stationary packs to organising a tea party at a nursing home, take part in a community clean, donate blood, and/or even bake cookies for your local police officers. The options are endless!

Nevertheless, this year, the ladies at PBA chose to make sandwiches for those in need. While the need for social distancing complicated matters slightly, this did not deter our little sarmie army. With peanut butter and jam in hand, our team joined together online, live from their kitchens, dining rooms or offices to do their part for Mandela Day. The sarmies were stacked up and delivered to local community centres where they were distributed for all those to enjoy! Afterall, life is always better between two slices of bread!

To find out more about the PBA Sandwich Day, follow us on social media.

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