Insurance is NO matter of luck.

March is the month of luck, with the luck of the Irish and all things green celebrated on St Patrick’s Day on March 17 every year.

However, when casting our minds over the past year, it’s fair to say that none of us are feeling particularly lucky at the moment. We can all agree that last year was full of surprises that no-one, not a single one of us, could have possibly anticipated. From the year that brought us devastating fires in Australia and California, an unexpected Ebola comeback, Murder Hornets (no joke) and the Tiger King, it goes without saying that 2020 truly was the definition of annus horribilis.

To round off this apocalypse bingo was the outbreak of COVID-19 virus, resulting in the first truly global crisis that we have seen in our lifetimes. As early as 9 January 2020, the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced the emergence of the deadly virus in Wuhan, China. Shortly after, the virus rapidly spread to all corners of the earth leaving dismay and anxiety in its wake.

Half the global population seemed to have believed that the end was nigh, whereas the other half thought it was fake, and let’s not forget those interesting few who believed it was all caused by cell phone towers. The only thing that everyone did seem to agree on was that the only way to survive the pandemic was to hoard toilet paper and brew pineapple beer. World governments were then forced to go into lockdown, making 2020 a leap year unlike any other, with 29 days in February and what felt like 276 days in March and 3 years in April.

It is in times like these that people need to ensure that they not only have the appropriate insurance cover but also have an excellent broker by their side when things do go “pear-shaped”. The PBA team aimed to provide such a service to all their clients during this difficult time. Despite the first national lockdown forcing PBA HQ to temporarily relocate to the household of the director and lead IFA, Vivian Alcock, our team tried their utmost to remain attentive and accessible to all our clients.

Keeping PBA up and running during this period of uncertainty proved to be essential as unfortunately, the global mayhem of 2020 seemed to be mirrored in many of our clients' lives. In 2020, the total claims that brokers at PBA managed to get paid out amounted to R53 million, with (ironically) only one claim being due to COVID-19. To put this amount into perspective, in a normal year (by normal we mean a year without the apocalyptic tendencies of 2020) the brokers at PBA would typically average a total of R3 million in claims pay-out!

It just goes to show that when it comes to insurance, it is not a matter of luck at all. Instead, increase the likelihood of “luck” claims pay-out with preparations that place you in a better position for a favourable outcome. Contact the PBA Team and we will ensure you don’t have to rely on luck…

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