Implementation of short term policies in December

The December holidays are looming, and for many, this means getting ready to take some leave. It’s a time for a much-needed break and for some, it’s a time to spend some extra money from incentives, bonuses, or savings.

Whether you are planning a weekend away somewhere close or far, there are a few things to consider… like insurance! How can you protect your home, your vehicle, or valued items?

Most insurance companies decline to write new business around this festive time and would most likely not take any new policies unless you have been previously insured. This is bad news if you have never been insured and you find yourself needing insurance so that you have cover for your home when away on holiday.

Around this season there is a significant increase in traffic over the festive season and a higher risk of accidents, since people go away on holiday leaving their houses vacant there is also a higher risk of theft/burglaries.

For these reasons, if you currently have no insurance, you might have to self-insure meaning using your own money to mitigate an unexpected loss. If you’re going away for the holidays and currently do not have home insurance, now may be a good time to consider investing in it, even if it’s just over the holidays.

We have put together a few pointers to consider:-

Home insurance

  1. Take cover before December, preferably a few months before. This way chances of being declined for home insurance are limited.

  2. Once your cover is in place, check that you meet the policy requirements for full coverage.

  3. If you’re taking valuables like your phone, laptop, camera, and sports equipment with you on your holiday make sure they’re all insured for their full value by specifying them in your policy.

  4. If you’re going away on holiday, we highly recommend you test your alarm system, check & secure all locks, and notify your home insurance provider and security response service that you’ll be away.

  5. Switch off your geyser to avoid the possibility of it bursting. This also helps you save electricity while you’re away. It’ll also help to turn off any main plugs which will not be needed.

  6. Insure any new valuable assets immediately.

Vehicle insurance (Cover can be taken anytime even in December without previous insurance)

  1. Ensure that your vehicle is comprehensively insured, and all extras like (roof rack, bull bars, xenon lights, or extra sound equipment) are specified and noted on the policy for full coverage.

  2. Ensure all drivers for your car have up-to-date driving licenses, check who is insured to drive your vehicle, and that your vehicle license disc is up to date.

  3. Ensure that your motor insurance policy will provide adequate emergency roadside assistance should the need arise. Keep your insurance provider’s roadside emergency number on hand so that you call for help if you have an accident or engine trouble.

  4. If you have a trailer, make sure it is insured.

  5. If you are crossing into a neighbouring country, you’ll need a letter from your insurance company stating that the vehicle is insured for cross-border travel.

  6. Check if you will need car hire, upgrade your cover if need be.

We know that you would prefer to focus on celebrating and spending time with loved ones, but the reality is there is an increased risk around the Festive season, taking steps that your insurance cover is in place and in order is a step closer to giving you peace of mind knowing you are covered for any loss or damage around December.

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