Discovery Vitality updates to get excited about this year

Now more than ever the PBA team would like to stress the importance and positive impact of a healthy lifestyle. We’re excited to inform our clients about the following vitality updates for members.

Netflix is the new smoothie.

Getting a free smoothie for achieving exercise goals was so two years ago! Instead, for April, May, and June 2021, Vitality members who achieve at least one exercise goal in a month will have the opportunity to enjoy a month’s worth of Netflix viewing pleasure for only 150 Discovery Miles.

Here’s all you need to do: first reach your exercise goal, then play the game board, and finally redeem the Netflix reward for 150 Discovery Miles. Members will be able to redeem a maximum of one D150 Netflix voucher per month.

Vitality Active gear is here!

As of April 2021, Vitality members will be able to save up to 75% upfront on a wide range of sports gear, equipment, fitness devices, Nike footwear, and performance apparel. Here is a recap on how to use this benefit:

  1. Activate rewards, complete the Vitality Age assessment.

  2. To get the 25% upfront saving, first, you will need to activate Active Rewards, complete the Vitality Age assessment, and do a Vitality Health Check.

  3. To boost the saving up to 50%, you will need to achieve Vitality Active Rewards goals. Every five goals met increases this saving by 5%. Goals will be counted as of 1 January 2021. This means that over 80 000 members can already enjoy a boosted upfront discount.

  4. Finally, members can boost this saving to 75% if they have a qualifying Discovery Bank account or credit card.

  5. When purchasing items from Sportsmans Warehouse, Totalsports, or Nike stores, members must use the QR code found on the Discovery App under Vitality Active Gear.

New business special offer.

Until 1 July 2021 (activation date), non-members can join Vitality and experience all the benefits Vitality has to offer for three months. Plus, any members who get a qualifying Discovery Bank product will get an additional three months of free Vitality! You read that correctly. Contact us today if you are interested and we will forward you the Vitality special offer.

Book your dream weekend away – sooner than you think.

As of the end of March and up to 30 September 2021, Vitality members won’t have to book 21 days in advance to enjoy their full Vitality Hotel Collection discount.

Fitness Facilities in your neighbourhood.

In November last year, Vitality members were able to join the Team Vitality community for free on Strava and get rewarded for their fitness achievements. As of February 2021, through Discovery’s partnership with Octiv, members could start tracking and accessing discounted workouts using the up-and-coming, Vitality-enabled fitness facilities. If you sign up with Octiv before 01 April 2021, your first two months will be free, subject to Octiv’s terms.

We hope that these Vitality updates will help keep you and your family healthy. For further information about any of these updates, contact a broker at PBA. You can also visit the Discovery Vitality page for more updates:

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