Admed Baby Bump benefit: 2021

If you are diagnosed as pregnant by your Medical Practitioner while covered on the policy, Admed will pay you a fixed amount of R2 000 to assist you with unexpected pregnancy costs.

Specific conditions

- Diagnosis of pregnancy must be proven either through a quantitative (beta hCG) blood test OR you must have been registered on your medical scheme’s maternity programme,

- Where pregnancy is confirmed with the beta hCG blood test, the test must have been administered by a registered Medical Practitioner and pregnancy must be confirmed in writing by the Medical Practitioner.

- In pregnancy involving twins, triplets or more, this benefit will be payable per fetus.

- This benefit is payable for all Insured Persons named on the policy.

Unfortunately, if the baby is born, the member will not be eligible to claim.

When you want to claim under the policy, you must do the following or else Admed may not pay your claim:

- Tell us as soon as possible about your claim or at least within 180 days from the date of:

- Admission into Hospital – for co-payment claims;

- The Procedure/Treatment – for shortfall (including internal prosthesis) and trauma counselling claims;

- Diagnosis – for lump sum cancer, baby bump, oncology co-payment and oncology extender claims; or

- Bodily Injury – for casualty, premium waiver, Accidental death, Accidental Disability and Violent Crime claims.

Complete all of the relevant sections of the claim form accurately, completely and truthfully so that Admed can quickly and easily process your claim. If we do not receive all of the required information and documentation from you, this may cause delays in the processing of your claim.

*Please note: The information in this article has been supplied by Admed. For more information, please visit:

Contact one of our advisors for more information.

Phone: 011 803 9686

Email: or

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