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Health Offering

Health insurance for individuals and companies, tailored to suit your specific needs. We are proud to serve the health insurance needs of some of the world’s largest employers. We are a worldwide health Insurer, and offer a comprehensive range of health insurance solutions. Our range of plans takes care of you, your family and employees, wherever they are. Unisure health insurance plans deliver ‘healthcare with a human touch’.

Our Mining and Energy Forum Health Insurance Plan is specifically designed for the mining, oil, gas, energy, petrochemical and supporting industries, offering employers material cost savings on premiums without compromising on the level of benefits and care for the members.

Our Umatter Health Insurance Plan offers an international private medical insurance plan for employers and employees. The key feature of this plan is its flexibility in allowing the client to choose the plan’s structure, benefits and cost.

Life Offering

Group Benefit Solutions

We have strong business relationships with multinational companies, SME businesses along with multiple re-insurance partners.

Our global experience, partner network and unique approach to Group Benefits enables us to ask what a customer wants rather than to tell them only what they can have.

Whether a small business with just a few employees or a much larger business with operations and staff in multiple countries, employee benefits are an integral part of attracting and retaining talent in today’s highly competitive and increasingly mobile global economy.

Individual Life Assurance

Unilife specialises in developing and providing effective life assurance solutions for individuals around the world.

Our guaranteed international solutions, backed by our world class partners, makes Unilife a leader in the international life assurance provider market.

Life assurance can be a simple answer to a very difficult question, “How will my family be affected financially when I die?” This is a subject none of us really wants to think about, but if we have someone financially dependent on us, it’s one we really can’t avoid. The purpose of life assurance is to pay a lump sum benefit after you die, providing your loved ones with financial security should the unthinkable happen.

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