Medical Aid Highlights

Reinstatement Process:

Members have the option of reinstating their cover if the membership is lapsed as a result of non-payment of premiums. The Medical Aid will allow members 90 days from the date that the lapse was done. For example, if the lapse was actioned on the 24th of July 2020, it will be 90 days from the 24 July 2020.

Once the outstanding premiums are received, the Medical Aid will reinstate the membership and there will be no break in cover. Please remember that if the 90 days has passed, the member will need to re-apply to become a member of the Medical Aid. A Declaration of Health form will need to be completed if the membership is reinstated later than 30 days, from the date that the lapse of the membership was actioned.

Prescribed medication is funded according to the Tier or class that the members are categorised in:

Tier 1 - Preferred Medication – Funded at 100% of the Medical aid rate

Tier 2 – Non-preferred Medication – Funded at 75% of the Medical Aid rate.

Tier 7 – Non-preferred Medication – Funded at 50% of the Medical aid rate.

Why do you need an Independent Financial Advisor for Medical Aid?

The Medical Aid Product offering is competitive and regulated in the Healthcare Industry by the Medical Schemes Council of South Africa.

Independent Financial Advisors can offer a competitive analysis of more than one Medical Aid Scheme, provided that they are contracted to the other Medical Aid Schemes. They are able to provide comparative quotes according to your Health and Financial needs.

Annual Medical Aid reviews and enhancements of the plan benefits are launched each year during the October Year End Revision period, allowing members to upgrade their plan types for effectively January the following year.

Kindly contact us to review your plan choices in October 2020, should you need to make changes for the year 2021 according to your affordability.

Contact one of our advisors for more information.

Phone: 011 803 9686

Email: or

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