Keep a backup of all your compliance certificates!

What if your home burnt down, and along with it, all your belongings and computers, you lost your inventory list and compliance certificates? This would make it difficult to comply with what your insurance company would need to process your claim. Read more below to find out why you should keep a cloud backup of all your important documents.

It's vital in the event of a tragedy like your house burning down you have all your documentation in order.

Inventory Lists

Keep an up to date inventory list of all your belongings at least once a year. This will help your claim move faster ensuring that you are reimbursed fully for your loss.

COC Certificate

Keep an updated copy of your COC certificate - it should be scanned and kept in a cloud in case of loss.

Household Insurance TIP:

Your house should be insured as per the current replacement value and not the market value otherwise the insurance company will apply average fees on your claim. This will ensure that you get paid out the full amount of the current value. The best and easiest way of calculating the replacement estimate of your home is multiplying the square meterage of your home by the estimate replacement costs on websites such as together with the demolition costs of around R650psm.

Take Precautionary measures:

Please take precautionary measures by ensuring that there are no gas leaks, the stove is not faulty and any smell of smoke/ fire is investigated immediately.

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