Discovery Primary Care for Household Employees

Discovery Primary Care allows approximately 1,2 million people access to private healthcare in South Africa.

DPC offers day-to-day healthcare benefits for example nurse and GP consultations, dentist and optometrist visits, funeral cover, wellness screening and HIV management. There is also an optional Trauma Benefit which gives access to private healthcare services, including Netcare 911 ambulance services.

Benefits include Day-to-day

  • Unlimited nurse visits at a preferred provider

  • Unlimited network GP visits if referred by a nurse

  • 2 network GP visits per year without being referred by a nurse

  • Cover for a list of defined medical procedures that can be performed in a network GP’s rooms

  • Cover for medicine on the defined medicine list

  • Access to HIV treatment, counselling and education.

  • Cover for one eye test in the optometry network and one pair of glasses or contact lenses every 24 months

  • Cover for dental visits, fillings and tooth removals at a dentist in the network

  • Access to an annual flu vaccine at a network pharmacy

  • Access to a holistic set of wellness screenings including blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol and BMI tests

  • Access to Vitality

  • Up to R5 000 funeral cover for all employees and qualifying dependents who are covered by Discovery Primary Care

Trauma Care – Optional

Provides cover for the following trauma conditions - Burns, head injuries, chest injuries/ severe fractures, loss of an arm, leg, hand or foot, near drowning, poisoning or serious allergic reaction that may cause death, injuries resulting from a crime, sexual assault, fall, car accident or injury at work

The cover may be selected at either R300 000 or R1 Million, this benefit applies to members and their dependents who are covered by Discovery Primary Care.

The cover is only available for household employees, farmworkers are not eligible. The employee needs to be legally employed, a South African resident or has a valid work permit.

There is a 3 month general waiting period from the membership start date.

Fees are as follows, including VAT

This is an ideal opportunity to ensure your Household Employees have the cover they need in place.

If you would like to discuss this further please contact your IFA for more detail on the Discovery Primary Care.

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