PBA Financial Services - what we can do for you.

PBA Financial Services are a dedicated team of independent financial advisors who strive to provide our clients with the best possible financial profiles that are suited to their individual needs, while still being affordable.

Our goal is to help our clients to create financial stability by building practical and straightforward financial solutions that are tailored to fit their specific needs. We aim to be there to provide help to our clients, so that they never have to face a life-changing event alone and unprepared, whether it is a dread disease, loss of income or their retirement.

Short Term Insurance

Short term insurance generally provides cover for smaller claims, such as your possessions; so that they are properly protected in the event of an accident, or should you find yourself the victim of a crime. At PBA we provide our clients with a comprehensive short-term insurance portfolio that covers not only their lives, but their lifestyle too.

Our short-term insurance options include:

  • Vehicle insurance

  • Household insurance

  • Building insurance

  • Portable items insurance

  • Personal liability insurance

  • Business asset insurance.

Long Term Insurance

Long term insurance policies exist to ensure that you and your family are covered should you suffer a life-changing event such as disease, death, retirement or disability.

At PBA we offer the following long-term insurance options:

  • Life cover

  • Dread disease/severe illness cover

  • Capital Disability

  • Income Protection

  • Retirement Planning

  • Medical Aid gap cover

  • Funeral Cover


At PBA we can assist you in making your money grow - whether you’re looking at medium to long term investments, such as saving for an overseas holiday or for your child’s university fees; or short-term investment goals - we help you to choose the correct investment option to suit your needs. We offer Unit Trusts, which are collective investments constituted under a trust deed, in both a long and short-term capacity. Unit trusts have a number of tax breaks, including a R30 000 CTG exemption each tax year for investors.

We also offer Endowments, which are investments with a minimum term of five years, and which can be used for general wealth creation or, alternatively, your child’s education.

So, whether you’re looking to update your insurance policies or create investments to secure your family’s future, contact PBA Financial Services today.

Establishing Good Saving Habits

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Contact us: http://ow.ly/mQED30pQjjT

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