Travel Insurance | Is “free” Travel Insurance Enough?

Most of us have some kind of free travel insurance. Mostly, we assume that our travel rewards or credit card “free” insurance is okay, and will cover us for medical, baggage and/or trip cancellation or delays. This may not be true and here are two important questions you should ask yourself:

· Do I need to book with a specific travel agent?

· Do I need to use a specific credit card to qualify?

Like any insurance policy, you must check exactly what you are covered for, such as:

· Am I covered for the full duration of my trip?

· If I extend my travel will I still be covered for the extra days?

· How easy is it to contact my insurer in the event I need assistance?

· What exactly am I covered for? Hospital, surgery, repatriation, ambulance, medicines etc..

· How much am I covered for?

· What are the exclusions?

· Can I claim for lost or stolen baggage, and how much?

· What about my laptop, cell-phone, iPad, sunglasses, jewellery and camera?

· Will they pay for alternative flights in the event of airline delays or cancellations for any reason or only in the event of natural disasters?

· Do they require a medical certificate prior to departure?

· Will they exclude any pre-existing health conditions?

With these questions answered and your policy safely packed with the necessary contact numbers at hand, we wish you BON VOYAGE!

HANDY HINT! Leave your policy with a friend or family member back home, so that they can assist you if you are unable to liaise with your insurer.

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