Insuring your “Fur-Babies” is affordable and a small act of kindness in exchange for their unconditional love.

“Every child should have three things. A pet, a mother willing to let them have one, and a vet to care for the wellbeing of both the animals and the people who love them.” -Anon

Studies show, that pet owners suffer from depression, anxiety and stress when their pet gets sick.

This is made worse by the fact that your pets are unable to tell you what they are feeling.

Caring for your pets, especially when they are injured or sick, comes at a cost and this financial burden can intensify your anxiety and stress.

For as little as *R7.00 per day, you can customise an insurance plan for your pets. Insurance options can cover a variety of your pet’s needs and give you peace-of-mind knowing that financial constraints will not affect the care or treatment your pet receives.

This includes:

1. Illness

2. Accidents

3. And/or Routine care cover which would pay for vaccinations, sterilization, deworming and even dental care.

When signing up, consider the following:

1. Annual premium escalation

2. Excess fees or your co-payment; ( is it a fixed sum or percentage of the bill?)

3. Multiple pet discounts

4. No claims discount offers

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