Power Surges - How you can avoid damage to your home and appliances.

A power surge is a, spike or boost in electronic charge in the power lines, which can cause damage to your home and appliances.

Lightning and load shedding are the two most common causes of power surges. South African residents are only too familiar with both of these incidents, on a frequent basis.

What does this mean for you?

1. Even the smallest spike can degrade your appliances over time which will shorten the life cycle of your device.

2. High powered appliances like refrigerators and air-conditioning units can even cause a fire.

3. A larger spike can fry your device or appliances instantly.

7 lines of defence, to prevent power surge damage to your home and appliances.

1. Unplug your devices and appliances during a storm or load shedding which will prevent them from exposure when the electricity is restored after an outage.

2. Invest in a UPS device, which will also enable you to continue using your appliances during an outage.

3. Invest in a surge protector which should be installed by a certified electrician.

4. Inspect your wiring and your generator as faulty wiring and generators can exacerbate the risk of power surge damage.

So, whilst you may not have fallen prey to power surge damage, as yet, you cannot be sure that load shedding and lightning are not gradually shortening the life-cycle of your devices.

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