Be Aware and Be Warned, Car Jamming is a Serious Reality

Safety Tips and Insurance Advice to Reduce your Odds of Becoming a Car Jamming Victim.

Read the Fine-print.

Most insurers will cover items lost as a result of forced entry and do not cover your loss in the event of car jamming. Having suffered the loss of your valuables you could find yourself suffering a further misfortune with your claim rejected.

  • Be hyper-vigilant when parking your car, and to where you park your car.

  • Watch and hear your locks engage.

  • Take valuable items with you when you leave your car.

  • Read the fine-print and know if you are or aren’t entitled to claim.

Did you know? Unless otherwise specified, you are likely to have your claim rejected in the event of a loss from car jamming. Car jamming is increasing at an alarming rate in South Africa.

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