5 Reasons to Choose PBA Brokers: For your Peace of Mind

1. They are on your side and Deliver on their Promise

You are constantly being seduced by myriad of investment or insurance products seeking to gain access to your hard-earned cash, with various purported promises of hope. Too often, this culminates in disappointment, with payouts failing to match the expectations set.

2. Tap into your Advisors

Tap into your advisers’ industry and product knowledge, with their “finger on the pulse”. Insurance providers are fighting for your premium, and are seeking to offer lower premiums to remain competitive. Offering more “affordable” protection; in many cases, lower premiums = less benefits. Don’t be disappointed. Advisers deal with financial service providers on a daily basis, and have vast experience and knowledge in respect of “who pays up” and “who avoids paying up”.

3. We Get to know you

Financial advice should never have a cookie-cutter approach. Tailored service is not a “one-size fits all”. What is good for your peers is not necessarily good for you. Further, what is good for you today, is not necessarily good for you as time goes on. This is where your financial adviser can navigate this path with you, and help to make the changes you need to meet your relevant future needs.

4. Tax, the ins and outs

Tax complexity is not for the faint-hearted. Taxable or non-taxable? Layers of thresholds for taxable interest on savings, estate duties and various other earnings can make or break your net earnings expectations. Why a Section 12 Fund? When is Capital Gains Tax applicable or exempt? Your adviser knows this backwards, and can guide you to leverage available incentives and avoid unnecessary penalties with a watertight solution.

5. Cutting through the claims red-tape

When the time comes for you to claim, you are more than likely in a state of stress. You are suffering a loss of sorts. An adviser is there to hold your hand and offer you support and care ensuring you get what you are entitled to, and in a timely manner.

The financial services landscape is becoming increasingly complex with a myriad offerings. The complexity requires professional expertise, as most often our skills and knowledge fall short, for us to make sound investment and insurance decisions.

Typically, we can be “unconsciously incompetent” – “we do not know, what we do not know”, and faced with a misery of choice and the dilemma of who to trust. It is for this reason, the valuable role and services of financial advisers, has stood the test of time.

6. PBA Brokers will get you the most “bang for your buck”

Your trusted adviser can evidence a track record and demonstrate their success across their client base.

Choose your adviser wisely and question every available choice before you make decisions to part with your hard-earned cash.

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