WILL'S MONTH - Have you got yours?

Will Signing

​At PBA Brokers, we partner with Capital Legacy to ensure you are offered the most professional services for the risk of dying. If you do not have a valid will in place, please contact us urgently and we will assist you from preventing your loved ones from the added burden and costs during this sad time.


Your family will be left with the financial burden of administering your estate.

Save your loved ones, time and money. Get your will, the WILLS MONTH?

The Real Cost of Dying

It is important that you are made aware of the fees associated with carrying out your wishes and tying up loose ends when you are gone. These fees are often an unknown or forgotten aspect of your legacy planning and can amount to thousands of rands that, if not provided for, can eat up a large chunk of the intended benefit you wish to leave to your beneficiaries in terms of your Will. These legal fees come in the guise of Executors Fees, Testamentary Trust Fees, Conveyance Attorney Fees and Non-Estate Asset Administration Fees that are charged as a percentage of your total Estate value. Further unforeseen costs can occur directly after passing that can cripple your Beneficiaries in the form of immediate funeral expenses, initial overheads (Masters Fees, property clearances etc.), monthly overheads (School fees, medical aid, rates and taxes, water and electricity etc.) and in the worst case scenario of you and your Spouse passing away, exponentially high Inheritance Taxes. All of these fees and services can be covered through the unique solution offered by Capital Legacy in the form of their Legacy Protection Plan™.

Why the Legacy Protection Plan™?

  • The Legacy Protection Plan™ accompanies your Will to protect you and your loved ones from exorbitant legal fees when you pass away

  • With the correct product, you will have NO Executor Fees, NO Testamentary Trust Fees, NO Conveyance Attorney Fees and NO Non-Estate Asset Administration Fees

  • An Immediate cash Benefit will be paid to a Beneficiary of your choice within 48 hours

If you require further information contact PBA today!


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