Protect your home in Storm Season

Storm Clouds

Peak storm season has arrived and it’s time to protect your home.

Hail storms are very dangerous and cause tons of damage every year especially with November being the most active season for hail.

To ease your tension and frights from the hail and thunderstorms it is better to be prepared and protected in the best possible way. Here are some of the best ways you can protect your home during the rainy season this year:

Make Sure you Have the Right Insurance

In the event that you suffer damage or loss due to storms/ rainy weather, it is good to ensure that you are adequately covered for such losses with your Insurer. When taking up cover with an Insurer it is best to note what type of cover you have and if you are covered for incidences such as hail damage, flooding and water damage as a result of storms.

Make Sure Your Roof is Sealed and Secure

Most damages to property from storms occurs from an unmaintained roof. Please ensure that before the rainy season begins your roof is properly maintained.

During hot weather, the seals can crack and become damaged over time. This could allow sideways-blowing rain to get in during a storm. Make sure you have your windows and doors inspected and resealed, as necessary.

Maintenance of the roof for a tiled roof is basically cleaning of the gutters and valleys to ensure that there is no leaves or debris that will block easy flow of water. Check for broken, cracked or chipped tiles and ensure that these are replaced. Ridging should be sealed as well.

For a concrete roof, the entire roof surface will need to be waterproofed and ensure that there is adequate drainage as well.

For an iron roof, overlaps and ridging should be properly sealed and roof screws tightened and sealed.

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