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Traditional Group risk cover has shortcomings:

Because the cover and the need are mismatched, premiums aren’t priced optimally. This means that, for everyone on the scheme, cover costs more than it should, but doesn’t deliver value for money.

  • To keep costs down, pay-outs are often limited and there are barriers to claim, creating uncertainty for employees. Permanently disabled employees, for example, must undergo continual reassessments post-claim to keep receiving their income protection benefit payments.

  • It’s difficult to get more cover above the allocation made by the group scheme.

  • Employees have little say on how their cover pays out, because they can’t choose between a lump-sum or a recurring pay-out at claim stage.

  • And should they leave the scheme, they will typically forfeit their group insurance cover.


BrightRock’s group risk cover matches your scheme’s needs precisely. They strip out unnecessary waste to price your group risk premiums accurately and efficiently, so your scheme can buy 40% more cover on average for each premium rand.

Thanks to their unique approach, they provide employers and employees with cost-efficient cover that truly meets their needs, and provides greater certainty and flexibility, now and in the future.

The result is group risk benefits that better suits the demands of a 21st century workforce.


Please contact Vivian Alcock 082 492 3626 or Bev Dabrowa 083 324 6696

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