Stay safe in expected high fire danger conditions

The South African Weather Service has warned of expected high fire danger conditions over many parts of the country.

“In addition, the drought conditions in South Africa have meant that veld grasses did not grow as fast or as thick as usual, which does not reduce the risk of fire, but results in fire spreading far more quickly. Taking precautions against the spread of wildfires and protecting one’s assets and property should therefore be a high priority for those living within high-risk fire areas,”

Tips to stay safe:

- Always safely dispose of fires, hot ash, coal and cigarettes;

- Always work in an open, cleared area when working with power tools;

- Ensure that your electrical appliances are correctly wired; - Keep the area around your home clear of flammable materials;

- Only burn rubbish on cooler, wind-still days, and only if you have a burning permit;

- Never leave an open fire unattended;


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