What to tell your Broker about your car?

Steering Wheel

Please take note of what you need to tell your BROKER during your policy term with this handy guide from PBA BROKERS.

Tell us BEFORE you...

Modify your car - that doesn't just mean adding a rear spoiler to your BMW, you'll also need to let us know if you're re-spraying the car, making cosmetic changes or adding any modifications that affect performance. There is the chance we won't be able to cover the modification at all. A modification may also result in an increased premium so it's best to find that out first.

Change your car - a different car could well mean a different price. It's always better to find out before you buy a new run around whether you can get it insured - younger drivers may not be able to insure high powered cars for example - or if it's going to cost you a lot more. Ring PBA Brokers to let us know the make and model of your new car.

Change the use - if you suddenly start using your car for business but have previously only used for social use, we'll need to know about it. You'll need to tell us before you start using your car for any alternative purpose as we may be unable to cover certain occupations. we'll need to know details of what the car will be used for. You'll also need to tell us if you need to change the use from social use only to or an alternative type of business use.

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