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BrightRock offers some great, new technology which is incorporated into your products. Many of these benefits you may have forgotten about - Here is an example of a claim where the client had both the income protection benefits and the childcare needs, at a moment when a young family were faced with their sick new born baby.

Not only did they get a portion of their dread paid out to assist with expensive medical bills, but in addition they also received 3 months temporary income protection where the 6 months waiting period was waived, and they qualified for immediate pay out.

This illustrates that the parents received income protection during this stressful time without having to worry about earning an income and looking after a sick baby and the dread payout took care of the potential shortfalls on the medical aid.


Our client had additional expense needs cover of R100 000 and temporary expenses cover of R15 690 per month with BrightRock. The client’s son was born on 29 August 2015 with a ventricular septal defect (VSD) in his heart, which needed to be operated on and repaired. The child had open heart surgery when he was just under five months old, on 21 January 2016. The child qualified for a 100% pay-out under child additional expense needs cover. This amounted to R20 000 (20% of the parent’s cover).

Parents whose children receive a 75 % or 100% pay-out for child additional expense needs can claim for one or three months of their temporary expenses cover. What’s more, this payment will be immediate and the client’s waiting period won’t apply in this instance. This was particularly important in this case as the client had a six-month waiting period on his temporary expenses cover. We paid him R47 070 for the three-month period, in addition to the R20 000 he received for his child. This cover allows clients to take unpaid leave, so they can focus on their child when they need them most. None of our competitors would have paid out the client for temporary expenses.

New Technology, more cover, certainty and flexibility, have you added the Childcare needs to your BrightRock policy?

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