Risk benefits that benefit your staff and your bottom line

Risk benefits for your staff

The cost of Risk benefits for a group as a whole are generally cheaper than the cost of individual policies with the same level of benefit. The Group product also has a Free Cover Limit, which is set by the insurer. Members whose benefits fall below this level do not have to submit evidence of health. Members whose benefits exceed the Free Cover Limit, will be requested by the insurer to complete evidence of health for the amount over the Free Cover Limit amount.

Employers do not have to implement a Retirement Fund, to allow the staff to enjoy cheaper risk benefits as this can be implemented on its own.

The most common types of Risk benefits Employers put in place for their staff are: · Lump Sum Death Benefits · Lump Sum Disability Benefits · Regular Income Disability Benefit · Severe Illness Benefit (Dread Disease) · Funeral

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