Do you or a family member have Diabetes? Register with the Bonitas Management Programme today!

Bonitas Diabetes Management Programme

The wait is finally over and our new and improved diabetes management programme is now in effect. Offered in partnership with Medscheme, the programme embraces a patient-centred diseases management approach. This will allow you to manage your diabetes, and any other chronic conditions, holistically.

In addition, clients on the programme will have access to a personalised diabetes management plan - designed in accordance with their specific needs. This will enable Bonitas to correct any other underlying imbalances which may impact on their health, rather than merely treating the symptoms of their condition.

Register on the new Diabetes Management Programme. This programme will ensure that, as a member with diabetes, you receive the best health care and have access to a wide range of benefits including the assistance of a Health Coach. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER TODAY

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