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As I am sure you are all aware, Ford South Africa has been recalling the Ford Kuga 1.6l that has been making headlines for bursting into flames. The company has already recalled 4500 vehicles manufactured between December 2012 and February 2014 and has only received about half of these vehicles back from clients to be checked. It is extremely important that should you or someone you know have a Ford Kuga that falls within these specifications, you must comply with the requests of the manufacturer to bring in your vehicle to the dealership for inspections. If you have been specifically requested to do so by the manufacturer - you as the insured - must take all due precautions to minimize your risks of a claim.

What are the repercussions of not adhering to a request like this in terms of your insurance? Will you be able to claim? Who will be held accountable? If a manufacturer has called you and you have not complied with their request, when it comes to claim stage, your claim will not be paid out as you have not fulfilled your responsibility as requested by the manufacturer

Please be aware of scams in this instance. As the owner of the vehicle, you must take it into a Ford dealership. There should be no instance where the vehicle owner is called to have their vehicle collected as part of the recall.

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