I am too young and don’t have any assets now, so I don’t need a will...

Contrary to the belief that you have to own a property, be married and/or have kids in order to draw up a will is not the only reasons you need to. Even though that is important points and you need to have a will in place for that, there is also other things you can have a say over! Wills are essential as they stipulate matters such as: 1. Do you wish to be buried or cremated? 2. Do you have any other last wishes? 3. Do you wish to be an organ donor? 4. Do you wish to have a Living Will? (A Living Will is sometimes necessary when one wishes to not be kept on life support – should life support be deemed necessary by a certified medical doctor.) For all the above reasons you also need a will, even though you do not own a property, are married or have kids!! It is the one legal document that you can change as your life and circumstances change, but do not underestimate the importance of a last will and testament. Don't become part of the statistics, you are worth much more, so leave a legacy, not unanswered questions…… Oftentimes the worst thing you can possibly do is to do nothing!!

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