For Your Business


We at PBA Brokers understand how difficult it is to run a business.

There are so many risks and threats to the continuation of your business.

That is why we offer a number of solutions that assist you with business continuation and tax relief.




Business Assurance

Business Assurance or Buy and Sell Agreements protect the future of your business.

If you or one of your business partners should pass away or become disabled, it does not mean that your business’s future has to be put in jeopardy. As a business owner you may not be comfortable sharing a stake in your business with a family member of your current partner. By agreeing that the surviving partners or shareholders will buy the interest of the deceased or disabled partner, you can protect the continuity of your business. According to the buy and sell agreement, each shareholder takes out a life policy on the other’s life, which funds the purchase of their interest when the time comes.

Key Man Insurance

Key persons are at the helm of their business – they steer, create and drive the enterprise. Your business may not survive if you lose such a valuable person. This is why you can insure your business against the loss of a key person. This will give you the necessary cash on-hand, to recruit and train a replacement.

Think about the following:

  • How would the loss of a key person affect your business?

  • What would happen is you lost that person’s expertise?

  • What would the cost of recruiting and training a suitable replacement be?

  • Does retention of your clients or good working relationships with your clients depend on that person’s abilities, relationships or personality?

  • Would there be a delay or cancellation of any projects that person was working on should they pass away?

  • Would there be a recall on any existing loans guaranteed by that key person?

It’s important to think about where your business would be should the key person not be able to perform their duties. Speak to us about Key Man Insurance and protect your business from unforeseen circumstances.


Contingent Liability

Contingent liability insurance is an insurance policy that is taken out by your business on the life of a director who stands surety for the debts of the business. The amount of cover taken out should be equal to the loan amount. This is very important for the survival of a business. This ensure that a director’s creditors do not have a claim on the deceased’s personal estate. 

Overhead Expense Benefit

The overhead expense benefit pays you or in the case of a business owned policy, the business, a regular income to cover most expenses for the day to day running of your business should you become temporarily or permanently ill or disabled.

Employee Benefits

We at PBA Brokers offer a comprehensive range of solutions to assist you, the start-up entrepreneur, the business owner, and the self-employed professional.

Partnership Insurance – Gives your business continuity of the business in case of a death or disability of a partner. Poor planning may result in one of the following:

  • Liquidation of your business,

  • Outside parties buying it, or

  • Family members of the dead or disabled person who do not have the expertise becoming involved in the business.

Pension and Provident Fund

We at PBA fully believe in the wise words of Richard Branson when he said “If you look after your staff, they'll look after your customers. It's that simple.” When providing employee benefits such as Provident and pension funds, the employer is attracting the right people to their businesses. It is also a benefit that you as the employer can utilize to retain the right caliber of staff members.

As an employer you understand, due to dealing with staff on a daily basis, the implications should someone die or become disabled while in your employment especially if the employee is a bread winner. Having a plan in place for unforeseen circumstances such as these, can assist employers to take care of their staff and their families.  

It is human nature to feel that retirement is an unattainable goal and a problem for other people. Hence when it comes to Retirement, South Africans in general are severely under prepared for retirement. You as the employer are in a unique position to compensate your key staff member’s retirement funding.

…But How Does the Employer Benefit?

There are a number of ways in which the employer benefits:

  • All premiums are tax deductible as a business expense

  • Ability to attract good quality staff

  • Retention of staff

  • Good staff morale

  • Good relationship with your staff


Medical Aid

Private health care is a must in South Africa. All too often staff members are unable to get the needed health care which leads to more leave days and higher costs to the business.

Employee medical aid has the following benefits for the employer:

  • All premiums are tax deductible as a business expense

  • Ability to attract good quality staff

  • Retention of staff

  • Good staff morale

  • Good relationship with your staff

  • Less leave days due to ill health