PBA Brokers was first registered in 1996. Since then we have built a team of dedicated professionals who strive to provide clients with financial profiles that suit their individual needs but are still affordable.

Although we started off with mainly individual clients, we have grown to include servicing businesses, managing employee funds and running company medical aids however we have still maintained systems to take care of individual clients. We have a range of small, medium and large clients who we aim to provide with the same level of service commitment.

We have contracts with all the major Insurance Service Providers and Investment Houses and this helps us ensure that we can provide our clients with exactly what they need to suit their needs and life style.


To provide clients with more than just “Fashionable Products” but rather to build a simple and practical financial solution. We endeavour to create financial stability in the lives of our clients as they grow older or in the event of an unfortunate or life changing event and to ensure that when these events occur, that each client has someone who is dedicated to fighting for them when they can’t.


Vivian Alcock made Laureate Broker for the year of 2015/2016

Vivian Alcock made

Prestige Broker for 6 consecutive years at Discovery

Vivian Alcock made
Bronze Broker at Liberty for the year of 2015